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I'm the Founder of

Executive Coach & Instructor

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My personal focus is not to be a bodybuilder, but to age well, move better, and feel younger than I am.  If you feel the same way join me on this journey.

When my son was 4 years old he told my father-in-law that he wished he could have met my dad.  I don't want any of my future grandkids to miss out on spending quality time with me.  They are my motivation.


Tell me yours, and let's work together to achieve it. 

I am committed to our success.  I am dedicated to getting better which is why I never stop learning. I work hard to stay up to date and use evidence-based practices with all my clients. Your health is worth the investment.

Take your Fitness Journey  With Me

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Remote Training Packages

We take the time to collect information on your workout history. We want to know what you have already tried so far, what you liked and didn't like, and where you want to be in your health and fitness journey.  We want to help you determine your motivation for training to understand how to keep you focused and driven.  Together we will build a tailor-made program for you, keeping in mind any injuries, and preferences you have.  ​

We offer support for all remote clients.


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1 on 1 Training & Personal Retreats

If you live in the Houston area and would prefer in-person sessions we have a few options for you to consider.  We have the option of outdoor workouts and gym workouts.  Also, if you are one of our home gym design clients we can offer you in-person training in the comfort of your own home (within Houston). 


Starting in the summer of 2023 we will host fitness retreats in Costa Rica.  Further information will be available in January 2023.  If you would like to be put on a mailing list for updates please send us a message below. 

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Home Gym Design

There are so many benefits to having a home gym. But it can be a challenge to design your own home gym.  Let us help you find the appropriate equipment needed to achieve your health goals.

We do our best to help you make wise, cost-efficient decisions when purchasing equipment.  The home gym should be welcoming and motivate you to want to get up and move.   Health is wealth and your health should be a well-ordered investment. Send me a message below with your thoughts.

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